Mud Wrestling – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Mud Wrestling

Well it sounds like just about everything is in near disaster mode now with the spring melt finally under way. Up here on the Missouri, today was the first one that we’ve seen any significant changes to water clarity. 36 hours of rain choked up all of the little tribs in the area, making a mess of things for the majority of the river. Good news is that they are on their way back down and we should have seen a good chunk of all the trees and trash move their way out of the system.

Anyway, fishing has been holding in their just fine and the Mo is probably the best call in the region right now. Still nymphing it up but the average size of fish is impressive and we are starting to see some larger fish everyday now. E-mail Toby if you have any questions about fishing the MO during high water.