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New Abel SDF | Bozeman Fly Shop

Some of the most fly reels I have ever seen made it into our Bozeman fly shop this last week. The Abel SDF fly reel is not only exceptionally machined and loaded with features, but add a hand finished Deyoung trout paint job and your are left with a stunning reel. Even photos of these pieces of art do not do them justice. Stop by the shop to get a good look at the Deyoung Montana Brown and Deyoung Rainbow Flank, both size 5/6, Abel reels. The badass SDF specs are as follows.

“Based on the SDS (Sealed Drag Salt), the SDF (Sealed Drag Fresh) is a scaled-down version of the award-winning saltwater titan featuring similar porting and a stainless steel / carbon fluoropolymer drag system. The SDF boasts an enormous amount of drag, an adjustment range almost three times greater than its predecessor, and virtually zero start up inertia.

We took what was learned from our SDS design, made sure to include the unmistakable Abel fit and finish, and created the best freshwater reel we have ever seen.”

Abel Deyoung SDF Reel


User convertible retrieval system
Large arbor increases line retrieval rate and reduces line memory
Almost a full ounce lighter than the original SD
Drag pressure ranges from zero to an amazing 10 pounds
Incredibly wide range of drag adjustment from zero to max
Designed & machined by trout junkies in Colorado
Quick change spool
Made in USA