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New Fly Line Season is Here!

Rio Fly Lines in Bozeman Fly Shop

There is nothing quite like the feel of a new fly line zipping through the guides on you favorite rod. Especially if you have been fishing a season or two with a fly line that should have been recycled about the time that the Purple Haze started to become popular! The staff here at Fins & Feathers of Bozeman’ s fly shop spend a lot of time helping anglers match the right line for their needs as everyone is getting geared up for the season. After all, the Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch on the Lower Madison is only a week or two away!

At Fins & Feathers of Bozeman, we have fly line choices for every situation and species from Tarpon to Trout. As we live and work in the center of the best wild trout fishing in the lower 48, trout fly lines tend to be our emphasis. We offer a variety of lines from Rio, Scientific Anglers, and Orvis for both fresh and saltwater conditions.

Rio has come out with a complete series of trout lines that features its “Connect Core.” This ultra-low stretch core results in fly lines that are more sensitive throughout the casting stroke, handle easier, and enable quicker hook-sets. The Connect Core is available in the standard RIO Tapers including the Grand, Gold, Tout LT as well as a few specialty tapers like the Perception and Extreme Indicator fly lines. Be sure to watch this entertaining video regarding the release of the Perception line a few years ago!

We have been fishing these Rio lines featuring the Connect Core for the last year and have found them to be as durable as they are awesome to fish with. The Gold features a longer head (47’) and is the best line for all-around use with medium-fast action fly rods. The Grand has a shorter (38”), heavy head that is one full line heavier than standard fly lines, making it ideal for use on fast action rods. The Trout Taper has a 47’ head with a long front taper that makes for delicate presentations and easier line mending. The Perception has a short head (35’) with relatively short tapers on both the front and back which makes it a great choice for fast action rods that will be fished in a wide range of conditions. The Extreme Indicator line has a short head (33”) with a steep front taper that easily turns over heavy indicator rigs commonly fished from drift boats.

The Connect Core is what makes these lines different than the standard core lines that share the same taper designs. All of Rio’s premium fly lines feature MaxFloat, MaxCast, and Agent X floatation technologies, which make for long lasting, high floating fly lines. Dual and triple tone line coloring helps the angler determine casting distances and proper rod load ranges. Front and rear welded loops make for no-hassle leader and backing attachments. The result is a series of high floating, durable fly lines that cast and mend as well as any lines we have had in our hands over the years. Stop in our Bozeman fly shop at 4-Corners or shop with us online.