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New Hardy Reel

Now that Christmas has passed, I know several people have a gift card burning a hole in their pocket. Not that many of you will need more ideas, but we just got these new Hardy Reels in. They call them the Ultralite FW DD. These reels are an extra light cousin to the CA DD. The drag isn’t as beefy as the CA, but we think this reel has plenty of drag for the lighter 3-5 wt rod class.

This time of season gets a lot of people switching over to the Spring Creek waters where they are most likely using a soft to medium-soft action 3-5 wt rod. This reel in the 3000 size will compliment a little 8-9 foot 3 or 4 wt and the 4000 size will be perfect for a 4 or 5. The spools will even accommodate a double taper line, which seems hard to do with most large arbor reels these days.

Again, you probably don’t need any more ideas on how to use your gift card, but this reel is pretty nice. Come by and check them out if you’re in the area or look at it online.