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New Sage Rods!

We just received some great new Sage rods here at the shop including the Mod, Bolt and Pulse. Each rod fills its own specific niche, allowing you to cater a rod to your fishing style and giving you the perfect match for whatever fishing scenario you think you might find yourself in. Stop by the shop and we’d be happy to take the line up out in the parking lot and find which rod is right for you!

The Sage Mod is a great rod if you’re looking for something with a more moderate action! Designed with the same Konnetic Technology you find in the Sage One but with a softer action for a slower load and more delicate presentation. Great for guys that don’t want a super fast action rod like the One or ultra slow action like the Circa.

The Sage Bolt is a great fast action fly rod built with Generation 5 technology. This ultra fast action rod creates high line speeds that will make long distance casts and high wind scenarios much easier. Put a stack of line at your feet and with one back cast you’ll be able to cover some good distances.

The Sage Pulse is a great rod that won’t break the bank. Built with Graphite IIIe technology the Pulse is a faster action rod that you’ll still be able to feel loading in your back cast. If you just want one rod that can throw streamers, dry flies and everything in between this is the rod for you.