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New Tying Gear

It’s the time of year to sit down at the tying bench and restock for the coming season. We are always getting shipments of tying stuff in this time of year, and each year we always get some cool new tying materials and gadgets. Check out some of the new products we just got in, or stop on by the shop and check them out.

FROSTIP Rabbit Zonker – As the name suggests these zonker strips have had the very tips of the fibers dyed a second highlight color. There’s all sorts of possiblities with these, but the black/fuchsia color and leeches written all over it!

Actric Fox Zonker Strips – These zonkers have much longer and denser hair compared to rabbit zonkers. These will add a lot of bulk and action to big ugly streamers, that will drive the big brown trout crazy.

Clear Cure Goo Products – Have you ever used UV Knot Sense? If you haven’t you’re missing out, but if you have you know that it is a very moldable glue that only sets under high conserations of ultraviolet light. Well the Clear Cure Goo product range is similar in that it sets under UV light. It is used to add a smooth durable coating to the head of a fly, but I’m sure as with every new tying product folks will come up with new and interesting uses for it.

Check out the New Arrivals page our our store to check out the other new products!