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New Umpqua Packs & Bags

There’s a lot that goes into a day on the water. Even if you pack light there’s always the inevitable tippet, leaders, nippers, forceps, several fly boxes, and other fishing related detritus. A good pack goes a long way to improving your day on the water while juggling all your gear and not losing any of it.

This year Umpqua has come out with a new line of packs and bags. At first glance they may seem just like everything else that is on the market today, but they do have a nice simplistic design that incorporates all the necessaries with out adding too many features that clutter or dangle uselessly.

The new line of packs include two waist packs, a chest pack, two backpacks, and a boat bag, that will more than cover just about any fishing situation. They all boast innovative ideas such as on the waist packs offer a refined support belt and an aluminum frame and a mesh back. This means the pack forms to you and is more comfortable as well as creating a space between you and the pack, which is great of ventilation and keeps you cool during the heat of summer. This is the same idea as the Sitka packs if there are any hunters out there. The waist packs also have a reinforced sleeve between the outside and middle pockets that is used to shove tools in, such and forceps, so they aren’t hanging and snagging line.

All the packs have some really neat and innovative ideas going on, so stop by and check them out!