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New Umpqua Salwater Fly Boxes

Umpqua has just released some salt specific fly boxes. These boxes have foam inserts and different slot designs for the great size variety of salt flies. Available in a waterproof Heavy Duty Flats, LT Flats, and LT Baitfish you can mix and match or have a box ready to go for any saltwater travel destinations. The LT (light) boxes are unbelievably lightweight and thin making them great to pack away in a carry on. These boxes come in a sexy, see through aqua with high capacity storage and magnetic closures. If waterproof gear fancy’s you, the HD Flats box is a perfect fit. A two-sided magnetic swing leaf with the flats configuration of slotted foam on one side and mega-slit foam on the other, provides optimal storage for all salt fly sizes and styles.

Umpqua Flats FoamUmpqua Flats FoamUmpqua LT BaitfishUmpqua LT Baitfish

Umpqua HD FlatsUmpqua HD FlatsUmpqua HD Flats

Swing by our Bozeman fly shop to browse a huge selection of Umpqua fly boxes and the new collection of packs and boat bags (blog coming soon)!