New Years Day 2019 on Depuy’s – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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New Years Day 2019 on Depuy’s

One of my favorite fishing traditions is fishing DePuy’s spring creek on New Years Day. I always bring a pot of ham hocks and black eyed peas, an old Coleman stove to make good coffee, and a loaf of sourdough bread. Some years I luck out and have nice weather, temps above freezing, a little sunshine, that sort of thing. Other years it’s way too cold, windy, crappy roads, basically crazy if fishing is in the days plan.

This year started out as a coin toss. First it looked like it was going to be hovering around freezing so I made my reservations and told everyone else who I thought might be interested to do the same. The Spring Creeks always seem to be about the easiest way to catch the New Year’s Trout for me. As I watched the forecast the temps just kept dropping. By New Year’s Day it was looking like a balmy day in the mid teens and a ton of wind. Luckily the wind never got going.

A few of my friends did show up, we had some decent food and strong coffee. I think we would fish for a half an hour or so and then sit in the warming hut for an hour. The fishing could have been a little better but we all managed to catch our New Year Trout and avoid frost bite.

There’s never a ton of people the first day of the year and I always welcome anyone who wants to stop by for a hot bowl of good luck beans and a cup of coffee. Maybe we’ll see you next year.

Happy New Year from all of us at Fins and Feathers.