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Night Fishing the Supermoon!

If you haven’t ever fished at night before, now is your chance! Tomorrow night the full moon will be the closest it has been to Earth since 1949, and the closest it will be until 2034. It can be pretty fun stripping around mice and streamer patterns in the dark, and sometimes even productive! I haven’t ever done great fishing at night, but I have caught some fish. It’s debatable whether or not a full moon is better for the fishing, some people say the darker the night the better, but it is for sure more fun to fish when you can see what is going on and read the water a little bit. Usually I will throw a mouse pattern on the surface or big streamer patterns that will push a lot of water. I like fishing either a super bright/flashy fly that might catch some moonlight, or the opposite end of the spectrum with something that will have a large dark silhouette. Winter is finally on its way later this week so take advantage of the last bit of good weather and the full moon!

Here are some good patterns for fishing at night that we carry here at the fly shop…

A spun deer hair mouse pattern

A dark fly with a lot of bulk that will push some water when you strip it like the Black Sex Dungeon

A bright and flashy fly that can catch some of the light off of the moon like a White Circus Peanut