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October Fishing | Bozeman Fly Shop

Fall came quickly and feels as if its already over with our first snow storm last week. We’ve gotten a lot of rain this October! We can’t complain too much, our rivers needed it. That being said, most of our rivers blew out today, but should clear up in a few days. Before the rain came, fly fishing in Southwest Montana has been really good. Nick had a lot of luck up Bear Trap Canyon on the Lower Madison last week and I couldn’t have had a better day on the Upper Madison with my grandfather. Want a better fishing report? You can read our updated fishing reports here.

In our Bozeman Fly Shop, we got in most of our winter fly fishing gear. We have rain jackets, hard core wading jackets, fleeces and base layers for staying warm and dry. We all love to fish no matter the weather, but having the right equipment sure can make a difference.

Our Bozeman fly fishing guides have stayed busy with trips and we’re all starting to get in the swing of managing hunting days with fishing days. Lots of talk of winter trips for steelhead or salt trips to the warmer climates. We have a great selection of salt water fly fishing rods, and salt fly fishing lines along with a great fly selection. Come on in and we’d be happy to help you get ready for your next trip!

Toby’s in Brazil and killing it. We’re super excited for him and all the beautiful fish he is catching. Good work boss! Keep it up!

Montana fall fishing is one of my favorite times of year to fish! Get your streamers ready, grab a new leader and prepare for that giant brown you’ve been dreaming about all summer long. We just got in a ton of sink tips, some new streamer fly line and have an impressive selection of articulated delicious goodies.