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Oh, Canada!

For the past several months, I’ve been waiting patiently (ok, not so patiently) for my “vacation” to the great country of Canada. Never having left the States, I rounded up a passport and anticipated my weekend off the grid. Once the day arrived, I was all but disappointed.

As we approached the Canadian border, the excitement became overwhelming. Luckily, my better half has a family friend with land along the river, with plenty of room for us to camp and launch our raft. Soon enough, we were rigged up and ready to start floating.

Our first float was a frustrating one. The wind blew us up-river with high gusts, leading to several exchanges of words between those in our group. However, our spirits were high. Once evening hit, the wind died down enough for us to throw some smaller dries.

The second day, the weather was beyond exceptional. We did a long float, stopping along the way to work some deeper holes for cutthroat and bull trout. There were smiles all around as we started to get the hatch dialed in. I borrowed a Sage X from the shop, and I can certainly say that it really gets the job done. Even being a “newbie” to dry fly fishing, it effortlessly threw out loops for a soft presentation of a smaller fly. I ended up ditching my rod and throwing the X for the rest of my time in Canada. After a dozen or so cutties on the dry, we headed back to camp for the night.

The third and final day (if only I could’ve stayed an entire week), we did a shorter float. The cloud cover allowed for a little streamer fishing, with a silk kitty getting the job done.

Although the three days we spent across the border were better than we could’ve imagined, it wasn’t quite enough. As we headed back to Montana, I began planning my trip next year, hopefully for a more extended stay than this trip. I’m glad to be back in the Gallatin Valley, but Canada cutthroat certainly stole a piece of my heart.