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On location from Roatan

On location from the coral flats along the south side of Roatan, Honduras.

Yesterday was the first day of fishing, 4 good shots at Permit on a flat in the first hour of fishing. One eat, broke off at the tippet knot…I tied it. Massive rainstorm followed and have only found one Permit on the flats since. Many lessons to be learned from that experience, unfortunately I think that I have already forgotten them.

Wind was pushing 30 today, got a few Bonefish. One Bonefish was the second smallest that I have ever caught! I think the wind is supposed to continue to blow.

Most of the fishing is from foot here and the flats run east to west…wind is out of east. So, at least the wind is at my back and the light is good.

Beats the hell out of working.