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One Final Snarf

Life without John Geer…no, he is not dead, but he has moved on to bigger things in the fly fishing industry and he will be sorely missed by many of our customers along with all of us at Fins & Feathers.

John first came into our world about 10 years ago as a Greenie transplant in search of greener grass in the great North country. As a former fly shop employee in Denver, he had a little fly shop rat in him, but he was always good enough to not overdue his welcome or be a chronic time waster. He’d pop in with some humorous tale about cartoon characters that make weird noises and somehow relate that to a recent or past fishing experience. Over the years, we finally wore him down and convinced him that holding up a counter and selling fishing licenses was his dream. And then it was so.

He’s been a great guy to work with the last several years and somehow helped bring some balance to a very psychologically unbalanced workplace. We were…me especially…sad to hear that he is moving along but after hearing what he’s moving onto…it’s hard to be anything other than excited for him. His last day in the shop was the 31st and he is now handling customer service for Tenkara USA.

He’s been passionate about Tenkara fishing for several years now and even managed to convince me that I should give it a whirl. I fought the urge for sometime, but finally succumbed to dabbling with it the last couple years and even carried a couple in the boat this summer. So, I wish him well on his new adventure and thank him for all the days he spent in the shop with a smile and a great attitude. He made our shop better and it was honestly a pleasure working with him. Meep, snarf.