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Orvis Battenkill Disc Review

The Orvis Battenkill Disc is a very nice reel that I feel is commonly overlooked. This real is incredibly durable and has the same “no start-up inertia”, fully sealed, drag system that is found on the Hydros SL. The old-school look of the Battenkill click reel was combined with new drag technology resulting in a smooth and sexy reel that will hold up to the test of time. With a machined aluminum spool and housing, this reel can be thrown around and smashed on rocks only to show slight dings with no damage to functionality. This Orvis fly reel comes in sizes I-V (1wt. – 11wt) in the traditional style and in a IV and V (7wt. – 11wt.) in the spey style. The Disc is a bit heavy for it’s size but I have found that it actually balances very well with most rods. Contrasting the original Battenkill, the disc version sports a mid arbor, which is nice when fighting large fish and reeling up after a long day on the water. Affordable? Yes. The Battenkill Disc starts at only $149 and tops out at $198. If you are in the market for a new reel look no further than your Bozeman Fly Shop. You can also shop the Battenkill Disc and all Orvis reel on Fins and Feathers’ online store.