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Orvis Hydros Reel Review

The Orvis Hydros Reels are a tremendous value for a true large arbor reel with a super smooth drag system and excellent strength to weight ratio. The Hydros Reel Series features a sealed drag surface that increases total drag surface by model. The larger the reel, the larger the drag surface and the more resistance available to handle larger fish. Depending on reel size, the Hydros has two to six pairs of washers. Each pair is made of one stainless washer and one woven carbon washer. This basically makes for one of the strongest, smoothest and most adjustable drags on the market. The reel handle is a huge improvement over the old paddle style handles. The thicker spindle also adds strength and helps to keep the reel running smoothly. The reel is machined from a solid piece of bar stock aluminum and is beefier than earlier large arbor models.There is little maintenance other than washing saltwater or dirt from the reel which is a good idea on any reel. The reels have proven to hold up under heavy use on a variety of saltwater species, salmon and steelhead. Overall the Hydros is a tough reel to beat starting at just $225.