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Orvis Master Class: Micro Drag

The Orvis blog has been posting a “Master Class Monday” post every Monday, and todays was a dandy. Next level fly fishing tips that can help out both beginners and experienced anglers can be found in these “Master Class” videos. Today’s video topic is how to avoid “micro-drag”. Micro-drag is an unnatural drag that is the result of micro-currents. Micro-currents are just currents that are not easily detected by the eye and are very common on slow moving water bodies such as the Missouri River, Henry’s Fork, and spring creeks. They will effect a small dry fly fishing more than any other fly fishing method and this is the primary method you have to take micro-currents into consideration. Your Bozeman Fly Shop will generally combat said current and avoid micro-drag by adjusting where you are casting from, fishing lighter tippet, adding a small amount of slack line to your cast, and maybe creeping closer to the fish you are trying to feed.

If advanced tips like this intrigue you, check out Orvis’ Advanced Tactics playlist on YouTube. If you are unable to find the answer of a question you are looking for online, don’t be afraid to ask the knowledgeable staff at Fins & Feathers or suggesting a future blog post! If there is anything you are curious or unsure about just e-mail me!