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Paradise on the smith

I traveled to the Smith River last week for a July 11th put in. Upon arrival, the weather was perfect and the winds were calm. We launched with a pack of boats, and pulled off at the first good riffle to let the hordes pass us. Immediately we started catching fish, black pats rubber legs with a may fly trailer worked best for us. Between two boats, we landed at least a dozen fish in the first 4 or 5 miles. Once we got into the canyon the fishing got progressively tougher, the water was low at about 250 cfs, and crystal clear. Brown drakes were coming out in the evenings and the odd stonefly could be seen skittering about in the heat of the day. Many anglers that we passed were having slow luck with terrestrials and big attractor dries, with that tip we turned to streamers. Larger articulated streamers were working well, dead drifted though the pocket water and slowly stripped through deeper holes. The large canyon walls, and pine covered mountains provided an amazing backdrop to some really great fishing. Five days on the river, filled with beautiful sights and aggressive fish, is more than anyone can ask for. This was my first time fishing the smith and will surely not be my last. Many thanks to all the rangers and workers who keep that area pristine, and thanks to the rafters for picking up after themselves, and keeping the smith river the pristine gem that it is and always should be.

Tight lines,

Britton T.