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Patagonia Giving Back

We love Patagonia for several reasons. They make exceptional products for the outdoor lifestyle, waders, and other fly-fishing gear, and my favorite attribute of the company, they care about the environment. A few days ago, Patagonia announced that they would be giving back their corporate, Trump-issued tax cut to the environment. Not just part of the break they received, but the whole lot of it. How much money is this you ask? The answer is nothing short of astonishing at $10 million.

Your Bozeman Fly Shop would like to thank Patagonia for their contribution. They announced the donation shortly after the Trump administration released a global warming report pointing out the threat that human-caused warming impedes on the planet. Take a look at the full USA Today article and the Climate Report.

Seeing Patagonia using the money they are receiving from this tax break for the environment gives us hope for the future. The example that Patagonia is setting will hopefully be followed by other large corporations. Fly fishing for trout would not be possible without clean and cold water and such a generous donation will help ensure the future of not only pristine wild places, but also the future of fly fishing.