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Polluted Water in the U.S.

One may be surprised to hear that mines that shut down in the 50’s are still causing significant environmental problems today. Even more shocking is the extent of damage that abandoned mines are having on the environment. More than 50 million gallons of polluted water pours from 43 mining sites daily, the Associated Press has found. Around 20 million gallons of this ends up in our streams and rivers without being treated. All of these mines were under federal oversight and many are listed on the Federal Superfund Cleanup Program. This program faces huge cuts under president Trump. Many of these mines have been an environmental problem for decades even after being added to the cleanup program. Just outside of Helena there are around 30 homes that cannot drink their tap water due to pollution ending up in Ten Mile Creek and the area’s groundwater. Given the detrimental effects of these mines it is important to consider very strict laws regarding mining practices and requirements for both current and potential future mines in the United States. If we want our grandchildren to experience great fly-fishing in some of our secret spots our environmental impact must be examined.

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