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Pre Run Off Dry Flies

I was lucky enough to get out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to try to catch what was left of the early mother’s day caddis hatch. Monday afternoon I set out towards the Madison. Upon rounding the corner at blacks ford, I was relieved to see a swarm of caddis flies explode upon my windshield. With my pup in tow, I pressed down on the accelerator and made my way to our favorite fishing hole. We sat in the trees for about an hour, letting the small fluttering caddis cover our bodies, doing our best not to accidently inhale them. From our perch on the hill, we could see waves of bugs swarm over the water, but the fish weren’t on them just yet. We walked a little further to a spot where several large pines cast their towering shadows over the rivers surface. Within this realm of shadows, several good-sized fish rolled on the surface, their fins barely peaking out, slurping the fallen caddis flies.

It was time, I tied on a dry with a dropper behind it and casted out to my first target; it wasn’t long before a gluttonous rainbow swirled on the pupa dropper. I sat in the same place, clad in caddis, and caught my fill as my fishing buddy happily slurped bugs from the eddies behind the stream rocks. The fishing only got better as the sun crept behind the mountains, and I fished all three days until I could barely see my fly. I feel lucky to have made it out to such great fishing with runoff season lurking in the near future. Take advantage of these nice days before things start getting messy.

Tight lines, B2