Presidential Day – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Presidential Day

Ended up heading west this morning in a race against the sun peaking over the horizon. That was the plan anyway. The third in our party decided to go back to sleep this morning and was only about half an hour late. As we waited, I made a Town Pump run for some gas, e-cigs (better than the real deal), and some Gatorade. The night shift dude at the town pump was greeted this morning by me mumbling in a nic fit and lazily placing the bottle on the counter…I missed the counter and exploded the Gatorade on the floor. Awesome start to the day. Got another bottle, a couple e-cigs, and the third dude showed up a bit late

Plan was to go to the Beaverhead as the wind was blowing pretty good this morning. Ended up at the Jefferson as there was some good viz, enough water to keep the boat moving, and the wind wasn’t blowing. There were bugs out galore, a Brown Drake hatch that went on all day, Yellows Sallies, PMD’s, Caddis, Moths, and blah blah blah. There were even a lot of fish rising most of the day.
However, we were there to streamer fish so we successfully ignored the riser and temptation to put a bobber on at times. The Jeff fish gave it up today and gobble gobbled hard until early afternoon. Steven got a 23″ fish and we probably double or tripled what I’d normally say was a a good day on the Jeff and easily had many more that chased, tugged, and slashed at our flies. Color didn’t matter, pattern didn’t matter, just something big and pumping.
The sad thing is that its been several years since Ive had a day on the Jeff like today and I know that it will probably be several more before it happens again.