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Return of Rick the Fish | Bozeman Fly Shop

It has been a long winter for Rick the fish, our wandering, wooden Atlantic salmon. He has spent the winter bunkered up in the FlyFishTruck just waiting for warmer weather to again wander around the Bozeman area. He finally has left his home and is now lost. We already miss Rick and would like to see him returned to the Truck on June, 8th at the Four Corners Fishing Festival by 3pm.

The rules to the game are very simple. Use the clues to locate Rick the fish, find Rick, return him by the specified date to the FlyFishTruck, receive some badass fly fishing gear (valued around $50), and take a quick photo with Rick and your prize!

Follow our Bozeman fly shop here, on Facebook, or Instagram for clues as to the where you might find the Rick Fish holed-up, squirrelled-away, or just lurking in the shadows of a deep pool. Find the clues to the first 2019 Rick the fish challenge below!

1. After this brutally cold winter Rick’s home waters have taken some time to heat up so he has not made it far from our Bozeman Fly Shop in Four Corners.

2. Rick has found himself remarkably hungry after not fulfilling his feeding needs this winter and can be found at a sit down joint attempting to make up for lost weight.

3 Arcade games are Rick’s favorite way to sharpen his senses in case he finds himself in a dangerous situation like a Grizzly Encounter or even worse, a Hungry Hitchhiker. While these circumstances are scary to Rick his absolute worst fear is a Big Sky Bird!

Find Rick and return him to the FlyFishTruck tomorrow by 3pm at the Four Corners Fishing Festival to receive some free fly fishing gear. Good luck!