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Review - Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling Pack

The Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling Pack the best wade fishing pack that I’ve found. The pack is very well designed for wading around streams and rivers. The strap on the Patagonia pack distibutes the weight nicely on my shoulder instead of giving me a stiff neck like vests and chest packs often do. I’ve never been fond of waist packs because they get wet when wading across rivers, and they also tend to slide down when hiking around. The Stealth Atom Pack sits nice and high avoiding wet gear. The Patagonia pack sits horizontal on your chest so nothing is falling out when you are digging for your stuff, and it makes for easy access to your stuff. The main compartment is big enough a couple of large C & F boxes with enough room left over to fit a couple of the large Orvis Super Slim Fly Boxes. The small molded front compartment with foam is good for holding flies, and has enough room to fit an extra box. There are plenty of holders and pockets in each compartment to hold all of your weight, leaders, tippet, tools and floatant, so it makes it easy to keep everything organized. The water bottle holder is well designed and works great at keeping your bottle secure. When fishing you can sling the pack around to your back when fish which avoids your fly line from getting tangled in the pack which is a complaint of traditional chest packs. Overall this is a great fishing pack that I highly reccomend, and I will no longer be needing my collection of packs that I’ve accumulated over the years.

Here is a video from Patagonia about the pack.