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Rick Fish Projekt

This is quite simply the most wonderful and confusing thing that we are yet to come up with in the last 18 years. Located somewhere between Geocaching and Mental Gymnastics on the WTF fun spectrum lies the challenge of finding our pal – Rick, The Fish.

The rules of the game are simple. Follow our Bozeman fly shop here, on Facebook, or Instagram for clues as to the where you might find the Rick Fish holed-up, squirrelled-away, or just lurking in the shadows of a deep pool. Get Rick and bring him home to “On The Fly,” a.k.a. the Fly Fish Truck and you get a REWARD.

Now, don’t shake your head or roll your eyes at this one! You never know how bad we need to get Rick…sometimes there might be a box of flies, a bag of shirts, a new fly line, a rod, or just a little pile of SWAG.

First Challenge Hints – Rick likes to wander around the world in search of fly fishing adventure. When Rick is home, he hangs out with a pal named Willson. Rick knows somebody that is pale in complexion versus Chocolate or Black.

  1. Ask for Rick here
  2. Bring Rick to the Fly Fish Truck at the Element Hotel between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM on Monday, June 25th

There can be only one Winner…Make Rick Proud! Legends are made during times like this…Get Rick!

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