Rick The Fish Lost Again – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Rick The Fish Lost Again

Thanks to the folks that picked up Rick on the 4th of July at Treeline Coffee in the Lark. We were happy to have him home for a brief period before he again left the FlyFishTruck. Rick wandered off yet again this week, looking to tie one on. Follow the clues to locate Rick before the end of the day tomorrow, July 11th, and return him to the FlyFishTruck at Music on Main to recieve some free fly fishing gear!

1. Rick made his way into an establishment lit with primarily neon that people younger than 21 will not be able to enter.

2. If Bozeman night life were comparable to sailing the open seas, Rick would have known to avoid this bar saturated area.

3. He couldn’t help trying to work over and hustle the numerous pool players while he was scoping out this weekend’s UFC card. (Rick is surprisingly good at billiards for only shooting with fins)

Good luck finding Rick this week! Even if you are not the lucky winner swing by Music on Main Thursday for killer deals on fly fishing gear and to check out artwork and watch our special guest, Paul Puckett, paint.