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I had the pleasure of fishing on the Missouri River last week with a handful of folks from RIO along with a few other fly shop managers/owners too. RIO is owned by Farbank, which also owns Sage & Redington, so, the topics of discussion and equipment testing was really all over the place. The emphasis of the event, however, was the chance to test a bunch of RIO fly lines out on the water with the people that make and sell the lines. Most of the time, our introduction to a new fly line is very much like the consumer’s experience…someone tells us a bout it and says that “it would be a great line for this or that!” So, I left the event with a much better idea of how a particular line will perform after casting most of the trout tapers that I hadn’t already fished before.

Spend some time with Simon or Marlon from RIO, talking lines or fishing, and you will come away form the experience knowing that these guys have really forgotten more about lines than you’ll ever know. I had chance to spend the day on the boat with Simon Gawesworth who is the Marketing Director for RIO. Simon is one of the great educators in fly-fishing today, so it was a real treat to just watch and listen to his various approaches with all things fly fishing. He just happens to be one o the best single and double-handed casters on the planet too, so I may have even picked up a thing or two on casting. Everything he did was effortless and fluid, accentuated by his British graciousness. At the end of that day, I truly felt like it was an honor to spend the day in the boat with SImon.

RIO fly lines, leader, & tippet are great stuff, as most all serious fly fisherman already knows. The big talk was around the InTouch Single Handed Spey line for use as an all around trout line. The unique characteristic of this taper has to do with more weight being shifted towards the rear of the head, with a long, front taper. The result is a perfect line for most switch rod situations and long-distance roll casting. However, the line is awesome on a standard, single hand rod for traditional overhead casting techniques. The line diameter makes for easy line handling and the ConnectCore, keeps you tight to the fly throughout the swing or aids in quick hook sets at distance. Definitely a line that is worth a try the next time you are in the market for a new fly line…don’t let the name fool you!

It was a great experience for me and the other dealers that had the chance to attend this event and I sincerely thank all the people at RIO for making this event possible. RIO fly lines continue to be made in Idaho Falls, ID where the company employs roughly 70 people throughout the manufacturing process. Their use of proprietary materials and manufacturing processes continue to make one of the most complicated tools in fly-fishing seem simple.