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Rio Perception is That Good

With all the new “Big” things this year in terms of fly-fishing gear, my favorite has been a late season release which has brought the nymphing game up a notch or two for many an angler in the “sparkle boat” this summer. There is nothing “sexy” about a fly line, but there really isn’t anything that most anglers appreciate more than the difference between a good line and a great line once they get on the water.

I have been amazed by the new RIO Perception fly line; after a dubious first impression upon hearing the “pitch” earlier this summer. It’s tri-colored pattern, max-tip, agent-X coatings, welded loops, and max float technology is a pitfall of technology overload in my world. The big deal with this line is that the core of the Perception fly line is RIO’s Connect Core, used in many of their specialty lake lines. The Connect Core has almost no stretch to it, which intuitively sounded like a bad idea to me, and I was very wrong.

Minimal stretch makes for quicker, more solid hook sets and it’s that simple. It really works, yes it really does. It is an amazing line to nymph with as the mending is subtle and effective. The lack of stretch helps pick up slack on big mends and gets the angler tight to the fish very quickly. I’ve had this line on one of my boat rods for the last 6 weeks and have really noticed a difference in terms of hook-ups from the strike. All the other stuff that we all expect in premium line is there too like high floating body and tips to go along with super slick, durable coatings.

I don’t know if it’s the best all around line or not, but I would definitely recommend giving this line a shot for your primary nymphing/streamer setup as I’ve been nothing but impressed with it so far. Probably not the best line for soft presentations and 6x but I haven’t tried it yet either. Check ‘em out and watch the video for some fly line techie humor too.