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Sage MOD Rod Review

Do you consider yourself a dry fly fiend or don’t find yourself thrilled with the fast action rods on the market today? Luckily Sage has an incredible high-end rod that uses all of their new rod technology but avoids the very stiff fast action feel that a lot of the top tier rods have these days. Of course, you won’t be winning any casting competitions with this type of rod but for gently presenting a small dry to a wily 22” brown trout you can’t really beat the Sage MOD. With impeccable accuracy from 12’ to 50’ and light tippet protection this rod is a lot of fun. Great strength, durability, and accuracy provided by Sage’s proprietary Konnetic Technology makes the MOD worth every cent. Handcrafted on Bainbridge Island right here in the U.S. this sporty green rod also come with a lifetime warranty. Buy the Sage MOD in your Bozeman Fly Shop in weight’s 3-6!

Sage MOD