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Selling Sage Now!

sage fly rods

New this week at Fins & Feathers (along with some cold mid-day spells) is the arrival of Sage Fly Rods and Reels! Long known for building awesome rods in the USA, Sage is a welcome addition to our store. The rods nicely compliment our selection of Orvis, Scott, and Echo performance fly rods and definitely will help with some gaps in what we have been able to offer in the past. We have a lot of rods in stock now as we get geared up for Christmas and look forward to being able to offer more choices than ever before.

When it comes to high-performance and brand recognition…Sage fly rods are right there at the top of the list for many anglers. The big attraction to Sage from our end is that their high-end rods really compliment the Orvis H2 and Scott Radian without necessarily replacing them. They truly are different “animals” and worth casting alongside each other to give the angler every confidence when making such a large purchase. So, be sure to come see us and compare the Sage One, Orvis H2, and Scott Radian if high performance is on your list…we now have them all.

In addition to the Sage One, we have models from all the major Sage lines at this time including the Method, Salt, Accel, Response, and Approach. Every Sage rod comes with a lifetime warranty to the original buyer and is made in the USA. Each rod series is unique and designed for specific needs and a wide range of anglers. We will be sure to put more information and some comparative reviews online as time goes by!

A couple of quick thoughts about the Sage product highlights…The Response is a great value at $395 and currently pretty tough to beat at the $400 price range when it comes to a fast-action, mid-price rod. The Salt and Method series of rods will “scratch the itch” that experienced anglers feel from time to time when a 70+ foot cast is actually needed in the wind. The 3200 series of reels is a somkin’ good reel for the money. More to come!