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Sexy New Lines

Is your fly line suffering from overuse? Is it going limp and sinking instead of riding high? Or is it just not shooting like it used to?

Well, you’re in luck. We just got a batch of the brand new Scientific Anglers Amplitude smooth fly lines with AST plus.

These lines feature the same AST coating as the textured Amplitude lines but are silent as they flow through the guides, eliminating the constant buzzing of textured lines. They’re also a pretty good deal at only $99.

At our Bozeman Fly Shop, we have the tried and true Trout taper for technical dry-fly fishing and medium action rods.

We are also carrying the new Infinity taper. This is Scientific Anglers new half-line heavy line that is made for fast action rods. The Infinity has a much longer belly than their MPX taper. This will increase mending ability and allow more delicate presentations for smaller dry flies. The longer head might also help reduce nasty tailing loops that sometimes occur while casting an overly aggressive line at long distances.

Try the Infinity on your fast action rod and you’ll be going the distance all season.