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Shop News

I’ve been on the road for the last couple of months chasing fish in New Zealand and sun in Mexico, but it’s great to be back in Bozeman! If you haven’t been in the shop lately, things will look quite different your next visit. While I was away, the guys in the shop did some painting and rearranging of products and fixtures to give the shop a fresh feel while increasing floor space. We’ve got a lot of new gear coming in this spring including some new product lines that we are sure you’ll be as excited about as us. Keep an eye out for updates as we’ll be makng a big splash with introducing some of the new product as it comes in the shop.

We are getting new flooring installed on 3/22 and 3/23 so the shop is going to be a bit of a disaster those days…be forewarned. We hope to have everything put back together by the weekend. There are still some finishing touches to be made including a new rod display and some new fixtures, we hope to be complete with he renovation by early April. Just a head sup for you if you come in teh shop and wonder why things look so disheveled for the time being!