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Simms G3 Wader Review

After testing out my Simms G3 Guide Waders the past few weeks I have to say that these are certainly the most comfortable pair of waders I have owned. I feel as though my movement is not limited even slightly by these waders. This is the first time I have experienced such incredible mobility while wearing a pair of waders. I believe my comfort is contributed to the articulated leg design and anatomical neoprene booties for starters. I have tried on many brands, sizes, and styles of waders and for me the Simms G3 is absolutely the perfect fit. I feel like I could run a 100m or swing dance without a problem. Even on warmer days where I thought I would overheat while walking around, the breathable GORE-TEX kept me dry and seemed to perfectly maintain optimal body temperatures.

Simms G3 Guide Waders - Stockingfoot

A feature that I enjoy much more than I thought is the outer layer of these waders. It is soft to the touch and feels similar to a fabric rather than the plastic feel of other waders. The zip-able hand warmer pocket is much appreciated when rowing on chilly days. Unzip and warm your hands with this fleece lined pocket when the boat is parked but zip up when it is time to row to avoid jamming fingers or an oar into the pocket. Storage in the G3 Guide Waders is also optimized for fishing. The fold out tippet holder pocket has places to attach streamside tools and plenty of space for a puck of flies, your phone, or even a beer. I highly recommend the G3 to anyone that fishes regularly, is looking for comfort and durability, and wants the mobility for all things fly fishing. Beyond all of this, an angler can look similar to a storm trooper while wearing their G3’s.

A competitive price for top of the line waders, great warranty, and being manufactured right here in Bozeman makes the Simms G3 hard to pass up.

Learn more about the badass G3 Stockingfoot features right here. The Simms G3 guide waders are available in men’s and women’s sizes in our Bozeman fly shop.