Smallmouth Bass Pose a Threat to Bozeman Area Rivers – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Smallmouth Bass Pose a Threat to Bozeman Area Rivers

Nonnative species in Montana have a history of wrecking havoc in the waterways throughout the state. In an attempt to preserve the Bozeman area rivers from the introduction of smallmouth bass Montana FWP has proposed poisoning a pond outside of Belgrade. Public officials would us rotenone, a poison that does not have detrimental effects on groundwater or human health, to remove the bass. After the smallmouth are eradicated the pond would be stocked with rainbow trout. By eliminating smallmouth bass, FWP hopes to avoid “bucket biology” of these fish into rivers like the Lower Madison where they could thrive and decimate trout populations. Smallmouth populations are already spreading and have been caught as far upstream on the Yellowstone as Livingston. Read the full story on the Bozeman Chronicle.