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Snow and Ice

Ended up going to the Upper Madison yesterday with the intention of fishing somewhere around the West Fork. We drove all the way up there and couldn’t find anyplace to pull off the highway as there is a ton of snow up there. Crazy snow on the ground once we got up to about Palisades. Not just talking about it would have been hard to get to the river, I mean there was no shoulder on the highway and none of the pullouts were anywhere near being usable.

So we headed back down and drove into Story ditch where the wind was blowing 20 mph and snowing like hell. Ice shelves kind of made it tough too. We ended up at Varney and got a few fish on nymphs, but the water is very cold and there were ice chunks breaking off the shelves as the day got nicer.

The river is very jammed up below Burnt Tree and the Ennis FAS is completely under ice except for a channel that is running on the east side of the camping area. It looks like a total mess.