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Snow Day!

Some of you may or may not be happy to wake up today with snow on the ground or in the mountains. But if you find yourself at home or the office on days like today when the fishing is subpar and super cold but still obsess and think about fishing then you may be interested in this great source of fly-fishing reading material to satiate your need of fishing information and stories. There are a number of fly-fishing tips and advice for all types of anglers. Visit our resources page here to read about fall and winter fishing, and general techniques and/or flies and hatches. If you want to learn more about the rivers of southwest Montana along with the surrounding area and what this beautiful country has to offer you can find that here as well. There is a wealth of fly-fishing information that will satisfy all sorts of interests and make you a more knowledgeable angler and/or better prepared for a great vacaction to Montana. If you are looking for information regarding guided trips go here. We have some of the most skilled guides that will provide a fly-fishing experience of a lifetime.

If these wintery days are making you feel that you aren’t prepared for fall and winter fishing and need to stock up on fly-tying material, flies, warm efficient layers for all weather conditions, or anything else visit our shop in Four Corners or our online store. We can ship anywhere and there are a number of online sales that should definitely not be missed.