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Spiral X Loomis Asquith

I’ve now been in the fly-fishing retail industry for 19 years as the owner and managing partner of Fins & Feathers of Bozeman. Over the years, I have bought, seen, and fished with hundreds of pieces of equipment claiming to be the “latest and greatest.” I have endured countless presentations on new floatants, strike indicators, reel technology, DWR treatments for pants, and advances in EVA mid-soles for wading boots. My favorite presentations, however, always come from the fly rod world as the various manufacturers are constantly pushing for lighter, stronger, and more responsive finished products.

Over the years, I have had countless conversations with customers about fly rod technology and why the prices vary so significantly between the high-end and entry-level models. The labor process is relatively similar, but the material and component costs vary widely between the high and low ranges. This is true with most things in the world and is most noticeable in the fly rod category when it comes to the fly-fishing industry.

The perfect example of one of these unique advancements came back in 2016 with the introduction of the Asquith fly rod series by G. Loomis. The blanks are built in Japan by Shimano (parent company of G. Loomis) utilizing a proprietary process and equipment to deliver these exceptional rods. The blank consists of three layers of carbon that ultimately use less graphite to create a lightweight, durable, and responsive rod blank unlike any others on the market today. The blanks are then sent to G. Loomis is Woodlands, Washington where the are finished with corks, guides, wraps, and epoxy coatings.

Loomis Spiral X Technology in Asquith fly rods at Fins & Feathers of Bozeman

Like many anglers, I was a bit shell-shocked when I first saw the price on these rods as they entered the market a few hundred dollars above the competition. The Asquith continues to be at the top of the price range for high-end fly rods today, but it also truly stands out in terms of manufacturing advances. The use of a seamless roll of graphite used in each of the “X-Layers” allows for the graphite to be wrapped at an axis to a central layer of vertical fibers. This manufacturing technology has enabled the design team at G. Loomis to deliver a series of fly rods that are uniquely accurate, lightweight, powerful, and durable too!

Loomis Asquith fly rods at Fins & Feathers of Bozeman's fly shop

The G. Loomis Asquith series ranges from $1100-$1300 depending on the size and configuration. The Asquith warranty includes lifetime coverage in the event of a manufacturer defect. Rods returned for manufacturer defect will be inspected and replaced at no charge at G. Loomis’ discretion, repair estimates will be sent if the breakage is determined to be the result of something other than defect. In the event of accidental breakage during normal fishing conditions, G. Looms offers it’s “Expeditor Program” which enables the angler to get a new replacement Asquith delivered for $250-$275 (USA) in as little as two days.

Fins & Feathers Bozeman fly shop stocks a wide range of fly rods by G. Loomis, including the Asquith, IMX PRO, and NRX+ family of fly rods. Stop in our Bozeman fly shop and check one out for yourself, you can also browse our selection online and purchase with free ground shipping to anywhere in the lower 48.