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Staying Warm When Winter Floating Bozeman Montana

Hyrdo Flask and Rising Boat Net

It’s snowing, cold, windy, and fishing is slow. Sitting on a drift boat or raft tends to be unpleasant and remarkably uncomfortable in these conditions. How do you make a day like this bearable? Your Bozeman Fly Shop has the answer. It’s a simple solution really. Requires only one main ingredient and holding containers.


Mix with hot apple cider in a Fins & Feathers Logo 64oz. Hydro Flask to keep warm all day. Maybe you brought nice bourbon though and don’t want to waste it by mixing. No problem. Bring your aluminum Rising boat net that has a flask in the handle and again, you are set to stay warm on the river. Jim Beam is a preferred bourbon but there are many great options.

P.S. – Don’t forget to bring your gloves, extra layers, and beanies this time of the season. Believe it or not, dressing appropriately might be more effective than the bourbon.