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Streamer Fishing the Yellowstone

Streamer fishing is a totally different game than dry fly fishing or nymphing. It has a certain thrill to it that is generally not found with other fly fishing styles. It is very distinct in that you generally have no clue what just ate your fly and the potential is there for whatever is on the end of your line to be huge.

Fishing the Yellowstone river with streamers is definitely the place to go if you want to stick an absolute hog on a streamer. Fall and spring are typically the best times to streamer fish this river but good streamer fishing can happen nearly any day of the year. The Stone has incredible pocket water, quick riffles, and long runs that all are great places to find an aggressive fish that is willing to crush a streamer. Sure, most of the time it will be a nice trout, but occasionally one can pull out a 24+ inch, monster fish. This, along with the variety of species, cutty, brown, and rainbow, all of which will eat a streamer, is what makes the Yellowstone such a fantastic river to streamer fish. Check out the latest fishing report and book yourself a guided trip to have a chance at a massive, hungry, streamer munching trout.