Summer Outlook – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Summer Outlook

News headlines of flooding and oil spills keeping you from coming to Montana this year? Not to worry. It’s true we are still contending with a late and historically high runoff, but don’t let that scare you away. The high water will mean fishing will remain solid well into September and October this year, providing some unique late season fishing opportunities. We haven’t seen nearly the number of powerful thunderstorms that hurt hopper populations last year, so Montana’s world class hopper season might be simply fantastic this year aided with high water. Looking to the near future, the rivers are all trying to clean up. We’re looking for the Madison to be fishing next week and Gallatin is usually soon to follow. Many feeder streams and tributaries are high but clear, and fishing well if you’re into the small stream fishing. The Yellowstone is still a good ways out but it’s going to be gangbuster when it finally does and the fish will be very hungry. Overall the fishing out look in Montana is very good if a little late. So, we’re looking for some good fishing in the latter half of July and August, and although it won’t be as warm in early autumn September and October too when the crowds are gone.