Sunday Fishing – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Sunday Fishing

Awoke this morning to another beautiful day here in SW Montana with a slight breeze rolling in from the west and just enough clouds to give hope to a full day’s bite. Once thins get hot this time of year; it’s pretty common for things to slow down mid-afternoon so a little cloud cover is always welcome. So, we headed east to one of those little Montana towns that is still pretty much like it has always been and up a small river that doesn’t get near the attention that many of our better known waters receive. That said, an early start is always the best call this time of year to avoid recreational floaters and it never hurts to get the first shot at fish throughout the day.

We were on the water by 7:30 and had fish to the net by 7:35 on dry flies. Fish to the net was a consistent theme today whether we fished dries, dry/droppers, or straight-up nymphing. Although we didn’t see anything big today, there is something to be said for a few dozens of wild Montana trout on dry flies in solitude during mid-July! I’ve been guiding these folks for nearly 10 years now across Montana and this was one of the most memorable ones we’ve ever had together.

Not only was the fishing stellar, but also the camaraderie on the water was as great as it always is with these guys. I almost stepped on a 5′ foot Bull snake, we got a great view of Great Horned Owl on a branch overhanging the river, and I officially had someone fall out of the boat. Ok, I may have hit a Boulder a bit too hard, but all was well and we moved on to the next run where we caught more fish and finished off the day pretty much how we started…alone and on the water with fish in the net.