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Tacky Flydrophobic Fly Box | Bozeman Fly Shop

Tacky Flydrophobic SD Fly Box is the most innovative box on the market. It is the first one-way breathable fly box to ensure no moisture builds within the box. Featuring eVent fabric on the lid of the box allows moisture to escape but still keeps rain, sleet, snow, and river water out. This means no more rusted out flies! Being one way breathable this box remains completely waterproof. It is fully sealed without a latch and of course rocks the silicone molded fly slits featured in the predator box for holding an assortment of flies. Beyond this, the box looks amazing with a brook trout skin pattern cut from the incredibly durable polycarbonate frame. This may have taken the top spot for best looking and most innovative fly box in our Bozeman fly shop.

Flydrophobic SD innards

Flydrophobic SD fly box