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Tenkara Guide Trips Too

Tenkara “style” fly-fishing has been around for many years, but has recently enjoyed a remarkable introduction of sorts to the USA. With a rich heritage from Japanese commercial fisherman, its effectiveness on small streams and wary trout has been well documented. For many modern fly anglers, the addition of Tenkara style fishing to their skill set has brought a new perspective to the sport.

Southwest Montana is home to an amazing array of trout waters, and we’ve found that many of our fisheries are ideal for Tenkara fishing. Whether we’re fishing big waters from the boat or wade fishing a small stream, there is hardly a day on the water that Tenkara fishing is not a viable option.

Our guides spend their day on waters of all types and sizes and are well adept to teach our guests a variety of new techniques. In addition to our more traditional guided fly-fishing trips, we also offer trips that focus solely on Tenkara fly-fishing. Tenkara guided trips are much like one of our standard trips with the exception that our focus is on teaching clients the various intricacies of this simplified form of fly-fishing…Continue Reading and Learn More.