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The Best New Fly Lines This Year

If anyone is in the market for a new fly line we have a couple new ones here at the shop that we are really excited about. One of them is the SharkWave line by scientific anglers. It’s actually a combination the Sharkskin, Mastery Textured Series, and traditional line all rolled up into one. It has Sharkskin line for the tip section, providing a better shooting and higher floating tip, the Mastery Textured line for the belly and running line which will also shoot better but be easier on you fingers and quitter through the guides, and a traditional smooth section where the head meets the running line as a reference point. This line is sweet!

The other new line we’ve been fishing is the Rio InTouch series in the Gold and Grand. It’s the same line as the Gold and Grand lines we already love with one major improvement. The InTouch series simply means they are using the ultra-low stretch Connect Core technology that they introduced in the Perception line last year. By reducing the stretch in the line you gain increased sensitivity, better casting control, and quicker hook sets. It sounds nit-picky but its amazing how much your line really stretches and what a difference it makes once you’ve eliminated that stretch. If you’re already a fan of the Rio Golds and Grands like we are, give this one a try next time you need a new line and I think you’ll be impressed.