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The G-Loomis IMX Pro Review

The G-Loomis IMX Pro is a rod that shouldn’t be overlooked for a stick in the mid-price point range! At the 2017 IFTD show, Loomis launched this new lineup of rods which come in at a much more appealing price point then their higher end Asquith. The rod is simple with no bliss, yet sexy and clean looking. They have a silver aluminum reel seat, chrome single foot guides and the rod itself has a dark olive to blackish look depending on the lighting. The IMX is a fast action graphite rod that come in a cloth covered tube with a sleeve and sit at the price point of $495.

One piece of technology that is incorporated in this rod that is different than many is the Conduit Core Technology. Here is what Loomis has to say about it:

“While traditionally with fly rod design, as the blank diameter increases, so does the total amount of material used. “But with Conduit Core Technology, we can still ensure strength and durability in the bottom half of the rod by replacing excess wraps of graphite with our proprietary material,” said G. Loomis’ Red Kulper. “We’re able to offer fly anglers a rod with similar strength but lighter in weight, better balance, and boosts energy through the blank. It’s all about improving efficiency, and most importantly reducing fatigue so you can enjoy your time on the water even more.”

With that being said, I would agree from personal use that the swing weight and overall physical weight of the rod feels very nice and light compared to others in the same price range. In addition to that, I’m also impressed with the simple yet smooth feeling reel seat. It is made of anodized aluminum and sports dual up-locking rings and a ported slide band. The rings spin with ease and progressively tightens with an overall great feel. The cork on the rod is smooth and blemish free and is capped with a small fighting butt on the larger weights.

My experience with this rod is with the 9ft 7wt equipped with a Rio Streamer Tip line in the 10′ intermediate sink. I use this rod as my streamer rod, and I have been nothing but happy with its performance. The rod has just the perfect amount of power for throwing around streamers in the 2-4 inch range or large heavy nymph rigs. Despite good power, I never find myself wishing that the rod had more feel. It loads at shorter ranges yet can still deliver when you have to reach out for that longer-range shot.

In conclusion, this rod has done everything expected and more for a mid-priced stick. I would highly recommend this rod to anyone looking for a good all-around fast action rod. Stop in your Bozeman fly shop and give the IMX Pro a cast.