The Green Bill Trail – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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The Green Bill Trail

So yesterday I’m walking down the river and I get a glimpse of something that was bright and off color from its surroundings. I decide to take a few steps out of my way to take a look and to my surprize it was a $2 bill! I thought to myself, no way!? Not only is it out of the norm to find a pristine bill on the bottom of a river, but a $2 bill?

So I keep fishing my way down stream and out of the corner of my eye I see another glimpse of color on the bottom of the river that looked the same, and again, another $2 bill! To keep the story short I ended up finding four $2 bills on the bottom of the river yesterday. The Serial numbers on three of the four were in order and the fourth was three above my sequence. So somewhere in that river I would assume there are at least two more $2 bills.

I can’t say I have any explanation for this, but it’s pretty crazy to find a cookie crum trail of pristine $2 bills down the bottom of the river. If you got any thoughts, lets hear them.