The Hoot Owl Saga Continues – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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The Hoot Owl Saga Continues

More warm weather and more river restrictions. FWP has reinstated closures on the Beaverhead and sections of the Big Hole. But more importantly we are now looking at closures on the Yellowstone downstream from Carters Bridge starting tomorrow (August 2nd). Also starting tomorrow, we will see our first complete river closures on the Jefferson and parts of the Big Hole. Looking ahead, if you are planning on fishing or going out on a guided trip, plan on getting on early and off early. First light will be your best friend and fishing until 2pm. After that the combination of high sun and low flows will have fish holding as deep as possible, and unwilling to budge.

You can find the latest closures at FWP’s website: FWP Waterbody Closures

It’s not all doom and gloom (yet). Fishing is still decent to good. You just need to get on early and be prepared to leave the water early. Any cloud cover or cooler nights will help, but with the lower flows don’t expect these river closures to go away anytime soon.