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The Importance of Mending Fly Line

Mending your fly line is an often overlooked part of fly fishing. This technique is important for nymphing, dry fly fishing, and fishing streamers or soft hackles. In the fly fishing world mending means resituating your fly line to ensure that your flies are getting the desired drift while being fished. In most situations this desired drift is going to be the “dead drift”, or getting your flies to float or drift in the water column identical to a natural insect. When it is all said and done, getting a flawless dead drift for a fishing situation is possibly the most important factor when it comes to catching fish. Some situations can present unique challenges when trying to achieve a dead drift but time on the water will help an angler understand how to combat these and ultimately catch more fish. Below are the basics on mending and how to recognize which direction to mend in a video from Redington.

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