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The Importance of the Wild Places

Isn’t it great when science backs up what you already know to be a truth? Just this morning I was doing a quick scroll through my Facebook feed and a fishing friend posted an article on talking about how fly-fishing is good for a person’s mental health. I hunted down the original resource posted by Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute. Yale published a study talking about the importance of natural places (critical to fly fishing) to adult mental health a while back as well.

Of course, everything it mentions is stuff that we fly-fishers already knew.

So when I heard mention of yet another gold mining proposal near Yellowstone National Park, my heart sank. If we know (and science backs up) the fact that natural places are critical to our health – why do we continue to allow them to be put at risk? Imagine a future where the Yellowstone (or the Gallatin, Madison, Missouri, Smith, Ruby, Beaverhead…any of our treasured rivers) is polluted because of a “mining accident” – one that could have been prevented if the public had taken a few moments individuals to speak up about their opposition to the mining project.

I’m going to make it easy for you. Just copy and paste this brief letter (with the edits necessary to the recipient and your signature) to Governor Steve Bullock and Montana’s DEQ Director, Tom Livers.

Dear Gov. Bullock/Director Livers,

Our wild places are what make Montana special. While not all things can be given a monetary value, we consistently find ourselves having to defend the priceless from companies trying to put prices on our land and natural resources. I am writing to voice my concern about Crevice Mining Group’s renewed interest in mining for gold outside of Yellowstone National Park. I am opposed to the mining project and hope you will consider the interest of the public in your approach to the mine.


While you’re at it, this letter is easily editable to work for an opposition letter to the mine Tintina Resources/Sandfire Resources is proposing near the Smith River.

You can contact Governor Bullock here and Director Livers here.

The voices of many are powerful, please share the information with friends and family (whether or not they are Montana residents) and ask them to also send in their opinions.

Let’s not be a state that fits the cliché of “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”. We know what we have and now it’s time to protect it.