The Joe Brooks Story Trailer – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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The Joe Brooks Story Trailer

All of us at Fins & Feathers of Bozeman are excited to share this trailer of “The Joe Brooks Story” with you. The full-length documentary will be out in 2018, hopefully around Father’s Day, and it is sure to be an awesome film and an even better story.

Joe Brooks was a legend in the fly-fishing world in the 1950-70’s and passed away while fishing in Montana in 1972. He was an outdoor writer, adventure travel pioneer, and an even better human being. Mike and Joe, a couple of his nephews, have been working diligently the past several years to bring Joe’ story to the fly-fishing world of today. We have been longtime friends with the Brooks family and it has been great to hear the stories and to see the influence Joe Brooks has had in their lives on and off the water

This has been a HUGE project for the Brooks Brothers and it’s great to see the fruits of their labor. Enjoy the trailer and keep an eye out for the full story in 2018. Learn more at the Joe Brooks Project.